Acts of Creation (cassette tape)

Recorded at CONduit 3, May 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Acts of Creation J-card (smaller)

Song Title - Performer

Side A

  1. Acts of Creation - Catherine Faber
  2. Warrior Maid - Catherine Faber
  3. Brainship - Catherine Faber
  4. I Lost My Job - Joe Ficklin
  5. Edward - Kathy Mar
  6. She is Gone - Catherine Faber
  7. Woad Warrior - Kathy Mar
  8. SciFi (Ode to Gofers) - Dave Urbanek
  9. That Quade - Catherine Faber

Side B

  1. Mizpah - Kathy Mar
  2. Man of Red - Kathy Mar
  3. Klingon Warrior's Waltz - Dave Urbanek
  4. Fair Were the Towers - Cat Faber
  5. The Queen of Lilies - Cat Faber
  6. No Such Thing - Kathy Mar
  7. In Summer Lightning - Kathy Mar
  8. Triptych - Kathy Mar
  9. Sanity Time - Cat Faber

Copyright (c) 1994 by Julia West

Note 1: The real name for "I Lost My Job" is "ConChord/Rimini"

Note 2: Several of these songs are available as mp3s at [FilkArchive]

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