Congenial II, 23-25 March 1990

Wail Songs

  1. Kites and Windmills (Jane Freitag) Jane Freitag
  2. Dragonflies and Rainbows (Susan Urban) Susan Urban
  3. Pieces of the Engines (Bob Kanefsky/Nate Bucklin) Kathy Mar
  4. Ice (Kathy Mar) Deirdre Rittenhouse and Fred Pyter
  5. A Love Song (Naomi Purdue) Naomi Purdue
  6. If I Should Happen to Leave (Nate Bucklin and Steve Brust) Nate Bucklin
  7. Too Many Songbooks (Judy Voros/Trad.) Judy Voros
  8. Musical Optimist (Jane Freitag) Jane Freitag
  9. Don't Call Me Early in the Morning (Tommy Sands) Charles and Maryann de Lint
  10. Fundamentalist Folkie (Susan Urban) Susan Urban
  11. The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter (Traditional) Charles and Maryann de Lint
  12. Windego (Dwain Story) Dave Clement and Nate Bucklin
  13. Did You Think? (Ernest Clark) Ernest Clark
  14. Questions (Jane Freitag) Jane Freitag
  15. Sunset Over Eden (Susan Urban) Susan Urban
  16. Vapor Angels (Kathy Mar) Kathy Mar
  17. Legend (Kathy Mar) Deirdre Rittenhouse and Fred Pyter
  18. Forgetfulness (Ernest Clark) Ernest Clark