Roberta Rogow 2007


Alive and Filking by Roberta Rogow

  1. Intro to DS9 Farewell
  2. DS9 Farewell
  3. Intro to Salute to a Lady
  4. Salute to a Lady
  5. Intro to Padme's Lullaby
  6. Padme's Lullaby
  7. Intro to Darth Vader's Confession
  8. Darth Vader's Confession
  9. Intro to Palpatine- He's No Good!
  10. Palpatine- He's No Good!
  11. Intro to Clones
  12. Clones
  13. Intro to Selling the Rings
  14. Selling the Rings
  15. Intro to Do-Svidanya, Mir
  16. Do-Svidanya, Mir
  17. Intro to The Little Rover that Could
  18. The Little Rover that Could
  19. Intro to Pluto's Degradation
  20. Pluto's Degradation
  21. Intro to The Flight of Apollo Thirteen
  22. The Flight of Apollo Thirteen
  23. Intro to Warning- Dangerous Planet
  24. Warning- Dangerous Planet
  25. Intro to The Writer's Revenge
  26. The Writer's Revenge
  27. Intro to Blind Date
  28. Blind Date
  29. Intro to Dragon Riding
  30. Dragon Riding
  31. Intro to Meerkat Mad Love
  32. Meerkat Mad Love
  33. Intro to Fact-Fiction
  34. Fact-Fiction

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