Teri and the Space Pirates

  1. The Once and Future Child (Bryan Cannata)
  2. Fandom Will Survive (Barb Bowen/Hank Williams)
  3. Starward Road (Barb Bowen/The Eagles)
  4. Odin's Call (Barb Bowen/Michael Longcor)
  5. The Chosen (Teri Wachowiak)
  6. Did I Do Right? (Teri Wachowiak)
  7. The DryLands (Teri Wachowiak and Barb Bowen/Stan Rogers)
  8. Billy Bob Consults the Seer (Barb Bowen/Three Dog Night)
  9. Pooka (Barb Bowen/Teri Wachowiak)
  10. The Bargain (Teri Wachowiak)
  11. Walls of Asgard (Teri Wachowiak and Barb Bowen/Traditional)
  12. Halls of the Dwarven Kings (Unknown/Dave McConnell)
  13. Lady of the Hellers (Teri Wachowiak)
  14. The Sword at Rest (Barbara Bowen/Rufus Wainwright)

All songs produced by: Bryan Cannata

Front Cover: Bryan Cannata

Insert and Rear Graphics: Teri Wachowiak