Auditory Confusion 1988

  1. Cold Fire (Carol Poore) C Poore, B Riedel, C Flynt
  2. Cruiser Dreamin' (Bill Sutton) Bill Roper
  3. Tin Soldier (Julia Ecklar) J. Ecklar
  4. I Never Thought I'd Live To See a Million * (Justin Hayward) Steve Simmons
  5. Sunflower Love (M. E. Wessels and Kathy Mar) Mary Ellen Wessels
  6. Mary Ellen Carter (Stan Rogers) Kevin Davies
  7. Your Daughters and Your Sons (Tom Sands) Kathy Mar
  8. Fal Morgan (Katherine Kurtz) Mark Bernstein
  9. Valland's Song (S. Simmons) Steve Simmons
  10. Dopple Entendre (Bob Kanefsky / Kathy Mar) Kathy Mar
  11. Harvey (Kathy Mar) Joey Shoji
  12. Critters (Robert Asprin / Traditional) Mark Bernstein
  13. Artie & Merle (Clif Flynt) C Flynt, B Riedel, C Poore
  14. A Pirate Looks at Forty (Jimmy Buffett) Steve Simmons
  15. Desert & Forest (Allison Drury) Julia Ecklar
  16. Starbow's End (Bill Roper) Bill Roper
  17. Can't You Hear Me Calling? (Clif Flynt) C Flynt, B Riedel, C Poore
  18. Stand, The (Julia Ecklar) Julia Ecklar
  19. Lullabye (Anne Pasovy) Bill Roper
  • Published by Tro-Essex Music International, Inc.

(p) 1988, Wail Songs, Oakland, CA 94604 Cover Art: Copyright © 1988 by Melody Rondeau Recorded live at Ambulatory Confusion 15-17 January, 1988 Detroit, Michigan Sound Engineer & Producer: Bob Laurent Insert Printing: Philk Press


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