Aussiecon II: The Wail from Down Under

  1. Jefferson And Liberty (Lyrics: Trad/Leslie Fish and Kathleen Taylor. Music: Trad.) Performers
  2. F-111 (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  3. Parasite's Anthem (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  4. Hello, Remember Us? (Leslie Fish) Leslie Fish
  5. Fire In The Heart (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  6. Rowan Tree (Cynthia McQuillin?) Cynthia McQuillin?
  7. Double Parrot Pirate (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  8. Asteroid Named Rest Stop (Julia Ecklar & Leslie Fish) Performers
  9. Hotel Down Under (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  10. Singing Of the Stars (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  11. Real Soon Now (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  12. Ballad of Throttle (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  13. Phantom Tickler (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  14. Wells, Wells, Wells (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  15. Mary O'Meara (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  16. Song Of the Immortal (Lyrics/Music) Performers
  17. Ship of Stone (Don Simpson) Performers
  18. Fair Mistland (Lyrics/Music) Performers

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