Austin Ditty Limits (cassette tape)

Austin Ditty Limits J-card (smaller)

Side A

  1. Heaven Con – Mar – Kathy Mar
  2. Do It Yourself – Sutton – Bill Sutton
  3. Song of the Shield-Wall – Doyle/Williamson – Melissa Williamson
  4. To Be a Publisher – Tagrin – Larry Tagrin
  5. Hellfire Burning – Kare – Jordin Kare
  6. Jack the Slob and the Goddess of Love – Fish – Mercedes Lackey
  7. Western Movies – Bartilucci/Smith/Goldsmith – Vinnie Bartilucci
  8. Musings on the Mesosoic – Farran – Randy Farran
  9. Dark and Stormy Night – Lackey/Fish – Mercedes Lackey

Side B

  1. Stray Dog Man – Sutton – Bill Sutton
  2. Do Something – Mar – Kathy Mar
  3. Home on Lagrange – Higgins/Trad. – Bill Higgins
  4. Hal – Bartilucci/Trad. – Vinnie Bartilucci
  5. Some Kind of Hero – Lackey/Fish – Mercedes Lackey
  6. Horse of Silver and Gold – Roper – Bill Roper
  7. Going Home – Bailey – Robin Bailey
  8. Key Minors – Kare/Gallagher – Jordin Kare

Recorded Live at the First Occasional Lone Star Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-Off, NaSFiC 1985

Sound Engineer: Jeff Rogers

Producer: Teri Lee

Cover Art: Don Simpson

1985 by Off Centaur Publications


Note 1: The song listed as "Western Movies" might actually be titled "My Baby Likes to Watch Bad Movies"

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