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Bard Camp! by Dan the Bard

Dan the Bard 2011

  1. Band Camp!
  2. Zombie Apocalypse Love Story
  3. What Was in that Mana Potion I Drank Last Night
  4. Aramil's Annoying Talking Sword
  5. Zenzadunk the Drunken Monk
  6. Giant Pants
  7. Bardsong +1
  8. Farewell Dwarven Miner
  9. The Ballad of Caerdroain Whalefolder
  10. Gamer's Lullaby
  11. Way Down Low in the Sylvan Wood
  12. Where Or Where is the WereKraken
  13. Dragon Riding
  14. Snicker Bully Bicker
  15. Fly Dragon, Fly!
  16. Screaming and Poo

Filk Albums Dan the Bard

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