Barnyard Bedlam by Bedlam Bards

Bedlam Bards 2009

  1. Wish I Were Single
  2. Bards Introduction
  3. ScottishShepherd
  4. Dachshunds With Erections
  5. Supermasochisticsnecrobeastiality
  6. The Vicar And The Frog
  7. The Rooster
  8. Our King
  9. Return To Ballinor
  10. The Mermaid [Jim Friedman & Shel Silverstein]
  11. The Bishop
  12. Don't Pet The Dog [John Hadley]
  13. Why Paddy's Not At Work Today [Pat Cooksey]
  14. The Pig
  15. Titillating Riddle [Craig Merlin Broers]
  16. Has Anybody Seen My Cock [Ivor Biggun]

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