(cassette tape)

Bayfilk 4&5 Encore J-card (smaller)

Bayfilk 4&5 Encore inner J-card (smaller)

Side A

  1. Down by the Greenwood (Espinoza) Golden Bough
  2. Blue Bread Mold (Fish) Leslie Fish
  3. The Silver Bullet Blues (Longcor) Michael Longcor
  4. Canalers' Love Song (Lackey/Alexander) Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish
  5. Reflections (Lackey/Eng) Cecilia Eng
  6. Dark Lover (Lackey/Fish) Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish
  7. The Mummy Shuffle (Coulson) Juanita Coulson

Side B

  1. Bardic Ring (Eng/Alexander) Cecilia Eng
  2. Write Romantically (Longcor/Russell & Morrison) Michael Longcor
  3. The Same Old Game (Fish) Leslie Fish
  4. Caught in the Line of Fire (Eng) Cecilia Eng
  5. Muckin' the Byres (Lore) Annie Lore
  6. Voices of the Sea (Alexander) Heather Alexander, Cat Taylor
  7. Minnie the Freak (Fish) Leslie Fish

Producer: Teri Lee

Artist: Larry Warner

Engineers: Dominic Bridwell, Duane Elms, Teri Lee, Melanie Mar, Petrea Mitchell, Tom Payne, John Snyder, Vic Tyler

"Down by the Greenwood" (c) 1983 Kicking Mule Records

"Dance in the Circle" and "Voices of the Sea" (c) Sea Fire Music

"Act Naturally" (c) Blue Book Music Publications, BMI

"Muckin' the Byres" (c) 1987 Sierra West Music

All other songs copyright Firebird Arts & Music, Inc., BMI.

(p) (c) 1990 Firebird Arts & Music, Inc., BMI

P.O. Box 14785, Portland, OR 94214, USA