(cassette tape)

Bayfilk 4&5 Footlight J-card (smaller)

Bayfilk 4&5 Footlight inner J-card (smaller)

Side A

  1. The Wizard of Speed and Time (Fish) Leslie Fish
  2. Come With Me (Roper) Bill Roper
  3. Falken Lover (Lackey/Fish) Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish
  4. Where Do We Go From Here? (Fish) Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish
  5. Oathbreakers (Lackey/Eng) Cecilia Eng
  6. Ilin (Lackey/Cherryh) Larry Warner
  7. Morgaine at the Well (Lackey/Cherryh) Mercedes Lackey
  8. Honest Rowan (Fish) Leslie Fish
  9. Passion Flower (Eng) Cecilia Eng

Side B

  1. The Cats of Jane (Lackey/Fish) Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish
  2. Killashandra (Sanders/Eng) Cecilia Eng
  3. Black Water (Suicide) (Lackey/Cherryh) Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish
  4. Susanna Martin (Traditional) Juanita Coulson
  5. Old Det's to Pay (Eng) Cecilia Eng
  6. Partners (Lackey/Cherryh) Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish
  7. Khan (Sanders/Eng) Cecilia Eng
  8. Fever Season (Lackey/Cherryh) Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish
  9. Soul-Search (Eng) Cecilia Eng
  10. Where, Oh Where, Has Cthulhu Gone (Fish) Leslie Fish

Producer: Teri Lee

Artist: Larry Warner

Engineers: Dominic Bridwell, Duane Elms, Teri Lee, Melanie Mar, Petrea Mitchell, Tom Payne, John Snyder, Vic Tyler

(p) (c) 1990 Firebird Arts & Music, Inc., BMI

P.O. Box 14785, Portland, OR 94214, USA


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