1. CoverBayfilk1
    Queen of Air and Darkness (Poul Anderson/Penelope Tredray) Catherine Cook
  2. The Owl and the Pussycat (Lyrics/Music) Oak, Ash, and Thorn
  3. A Pict's Song (Rudyard Kipling/Leslie Fish) Group
  4. The Crafty Maid's Policy (Trad?) A. Robins
  5. The Nightflyer (Lyrics/Music) Karen Willson
  6. Darkness (Lyrics/Music) Jordin Kare
  7. Midsummer Night's Song (Lyrics/Music) Margaret Middleton
  8. Dark Desires (Cynthia McQuillin) Cynthia McQuillin
  9. Cycles (Lyrics/Music) Gary Anderson
  10. Alien (Filk by Comittee/Trad) Group
  11. All Debts Are Paid (Jordin Kare) Jordin Kare
  12. Windwalker (Lyrics/Music) Karen Willson, C. Weber, Catherine Cook, Bounds
  13. Herriot's Ford [sic] (Rudyard Kipling/Leslie Fish) Leslie Fish
  14. Raven Banner (Lyrics/Music) Catherine Cook
  15. Murderous Little Toy (Lyrics/Music) M. Roberts
  16. Speed of Light (Lyrics/Music) Jordin Kare
  17. The Elementals (Lyrics/Music) C. Weber
  18. Come Away Melinda (Lyrics/Music) E. Aitken Sahm, Catherine Cook

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