1. BayFilk II Concert 1 Vol 1
    Wong's Lost and Found Emporium (Diane Gallagher) Diane Gallagher
  2. Cthulu Gone (Leslie Fish) Leslie Fish
  3. Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (Spokane IWW) Holly Tannen
  4. Monsters In the Night (Diane Gallagher) Diane Gallagher
  5. Post Mortem (Frank Hayes) Frank Hayes
  6. Ship of Steel (Cynthia McQuillin) Cynthia McQuillin
  7. Tahl D'Jehn (Diane Gallagher) Diane Gallagher
  8. Queen of Hearts (Trad.) Juanita Coulson
  9. Flights of Fancy (Diane Gallagher) Diane Gallagher
  10. Heel and Toe (Trad. arr Paul Espinoza) Golden Bough
  11. Song at the Ready ([Suzette] Hayden Elgin) DianeGallagher
  12. Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster Blues (Diane Gallagher) Diane Gallagher
  13. Thais (Levy) Juanita Coulson
  14. Space Station Annie (Cynthia McQuillin) Cynthia McQuillin
  15. Moon Miners (Diane Gallagher) Diane Gallagher
  16. Moscow Nights/Afghanistan (Frank Hayes/ Matusovskii, Solovyov-Sedoi) Frank Hayes
  17. Survivor's Song (Julia Ecklar) Julia Ecklar
  18. Dark the Times (J. Christy/ M. Robin) L. A. Filkharmonics
  19. A Reconsideration of Anatomical Docking Maneuvers in a Zero-Gravity Environment (Diane Gallagher) Diane Gallagher
  20. Immortality Stomp (Leslie Fish) Leslie Fish
  21. Beyond the Horizon (Diane Gallagher) Diane Gallagher

Record Live at the Red Lion Inn, San Jose, March 1984

Sound Engineer: Jeff Rogers Producer: Teri Lee Cover Art: Don Simpson

1984 by Off Centaur Publications

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