Recorded Live at the Red Lion Inn, San Jose, March 1984


  • SF Wonks, Wimps, and Nerds – [Robin/Fletcher/Trimble/Rogers] (L.A. Filkharmonics)
  • Gremlins – [(Leslie Fish])
  • Old Time Religion – [Trad.] (Holly Tannen)
  • Gay Vampire Boogie – [(Cynthia McQuillin])
  • Down the Back Lane / Kid on the Mountain – [Trad., Arr. by Paul Espinoza] (Golden Bough)
  • Pride of Chanur – [(Leslie Fish])
  • I Hate Little Fire Lizards – [(Julia Ecklar])
  • I Like Little Fire Lizards – [Hayes/Ecklar] (Julia Ecklar)*
  • Charlotte’s Profession – [(Cynthia McQuillin])
  • Peter Grubb – [Keller/Coulson] (Juanita Coulson)
  • SF Fan Fiction Blues – [Trimble/Russel] (L.A. Filkharmonics)
  • The Grandfather Clock – [Hayes/Henry Clay Work] (Frank Hayes)


  • Mari Su Fan Fiction Blues – [M.J. Holmes] (Julia Ecklar)
  • F.A.P. (Feline American Princess) – [Lackey/Fish] (Leslie Fish
  • Widow’s Web – [(Cynthia McQuillin])
  • Chiefest Grain – [Trad.] (Holly Tannen)
  • Rise Up Challenger – [Robin] (L.A. Filkharmonics)
  • He’s Dead, Jim – [(Julia Ecklar])
  • God’s Fuel – [Hayes/Ecklar/McQuillin] (Frank Hayes
  • Gray Mare – [Trad.] (Juanita Coulson)
  • Silken Swift – [(Cynthia McQuillin])
  • Road Warrior – [(Leslie Fish])
  • Ewok’s ® Picnic – [Smith/Bratton] (L.A. Filkharmonics)
  • The Worm Turned – [(Cynthia McQuillin])

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