Bayfilk III, March 1986 Edit

(cassette tape)

Bayfilk 3 Stage Struck J-card (smaller)

Side A

  1. Little Computing Machine (Savitzky/Trad.) - Golden Bough
  2. Bold Marauder (Farina, arr. Sohlstrom) - Bill Sutton
  3. Voices of the Sea (Alexander) - Heather Alexander
  4. Haul Away Joe (Trad.) - Meg Davis
  5. Dream Merchants (McQuillin) - Cynthia McQuillin
  6. Unicorns (Caddick) - Karen Willson, Karen Jolley, Chris Weber, Carl Hylin
  7. The Wizard (Espinoza) - Golden Bough

Side B

  1. HEL Crews' Song ("Kantrowitz 1972") (Kare) - Jordin Kare
  2. Helva's Song (Eng) - Cecilia A. Eng
  3. Rocket Rider's Prayer (Savitzky) - Steve Savitzky
  4. The Winding Road (Golden Bough) - Golden Bough
  5. Dance in the Circle (Alexander) - Heather Alexander, Harold Groot
  6. Drink Up the River (Mar) - Kathy Mar
  7. I Know the Plot (Bartilucci/Glasser/Curry) - Vinnie Bartilucci

Sound Engineer: Jeff Rogers

Producer: Teri Lee

Cover Art: Don Simpson

Dolby (tm) stereo

(c) 1986 by Off Centaur Publications

P. O. Box 424, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Recorded Live at Bayfilk III, March 1986

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