Talis CD

Talis Kimberley, By Request Live at DucKon 20

Talis Kimberley

Live at DucKon 19, June 18th, 2010

  1. Wolves & Changlings I
  2. Looking for Jack
  3. The Kelpie Woman & Me
  4. Death Danced at My Party
  5. X Libris
  6. Tuning Interlude
  7. Mon Seul Desir
  8. Farewell to Childhood
  9. Sparrowhawk
  10. Chameleon Cloak
  11. Pagan Angel
  12. Any kind of Light (with Dave Clement)
  13. Velvet
  14. Thank You Interlude
  15. Jack Hare
  16. Almost Live Intro
  17. Almost Live, In Summer Lightning, Ancient Sky, Still Catch the Tide
  18. Wolves & Changlings II

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