Carpe Dementia by the great Luke Ski

The Great Lukeski 1999

  1. Fruit Loops
  2. Insane And The Brain
  3. Baby Got Brak
  4. Bart Simp Sun
  5. Cornholio
  6. Hill
  7. Kenny Was A Kid From South Park
  8. Macho Man (Oooh Yeah!)
  9. KramerCostanza
  10. Titanic Monday
  11. Back One Week To The Future
  12. Rocky Horror
  13. Mystery Science Theater Picture Show
  14. Men In Black (Klaatu Barada Nikto)
  15. You Might Be A Trekkie
  16. What's Up Spock- -Deep Space '99 Remix
  17. Resistance
  18. Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues
  19. Bad, Bad Boba Fett
  20. Y.O.D.A
  21. Luke Ski Bonus Track 1
  22. Oh, Gee, Ya Think-
  23. Luke Ski Bonus Track 3
  24. Luke Ski Bonus Track 4
  25. Luke Ski Bonus Track 5
  26. Luke Ski Bonus Track 6
  27. Quite A Man For An 'Al' Fan

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