Steve Savitzky 2007

Steve CDCover3d-150dpi

Coffee, Computers, and Song by Steve Savitzky

  1. Guilty Pleasures
  2. The Programmer's Alphabet
  3. The Mushroom Song
  4. Stuck Here
  5. Bugs
  6. High Barratry
  7. Vampire Mega-byte
  8. Demon Lover
  9. Silk and Steel
  10. Daddy's World
  11. The Little Computing Machine
  12. Cicero in the 21st Century
  13. Paper Pings
  14. I Wanna Be a Webmaster
  15. TEOTWAWKI v2.0
  16. Uncle Ernie's
  17. The World Inside the Crystal
  18. Someplace in the Net

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