Cosmic Connection 

The Great Broads of the Galaxy


(1) Old Ben’s Song: The Broads, Soloist: Cheryl White

(2) Born Of Your Sun: Jeanne Cloud & Cheryl White

(3) The Trekker: Verses – Jeanne Cloud & Cheryl White Chorus – The Broads

(4) The Battle of Media*West: Verses – Jeanne Cloud & Jackie Bielowicz

(5) Fame and Glory: Soloists: Cheryl White & Jeanne Cloud

(6) Flight: Jeanne Cloud & Cheryl White


(1) Mary Sue Du Wop: The Broads, Soloist: Jackie Bielowicz

(2) The Ballad of The Birthday Boy: The Broads

(3) Taboo: Jeanne Cloud

(4) Old Trekker’s Home: The Broads

(5) The Ballad of Capricorn One: Cheryl White

The Great Broads of the Galaxy are –

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