Courtly Airs 

Noreascon 3

Side A

Draw Down the Moon

Brenda Sutton

Song of the Women

Jennifer McGowan & Valerie Housden

Daddy's World

Steve Savitzky

Frozen Dreams

Mike Stein

The White Hounds

Heather Rose Jones

Three Stars

Colin Fine


Valerie Housden

Side B

Ruby Wine

Mary Ellen Wessels

Darkness Dancing

Jennifer McGowan & Valerie Housden

Night Magic


Paper Wings

Steve Savitzky

Star Song

Bill Sutton

A Modern Romance

Mitchell & TJ Burnside Clapp

Love in a Bottle

Peter Grubbs

Love ain't Nothin' but a Game

Bill Roper

Reluctant Freedom

TJ Burnside Clapp, Linda Melnick, Jean Stevenson, Shelia Willis

Sound Engineers: Bob Laurent & Paul Willett

Insert Printing: Philk Press

Cover art: Carolly Hauksdittur (Copyright © 1990 C. Hauksdottir)

Song Credits (interior) – first line: performer, last line: writer

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