Dan the Bard 2016

Cross-Genre References 2016 by Dan the Bard

  1. Magneedo vs Ghandalf
  2. Worst Rebel Ever
  3. The B.A.R.D.I.S
  4. Game of Thrownz Song
  5. With Less Power Comes Less Responsibility!
  6. The Klingon Wild Rover
  7. Buphoe the Bardic Cheerleader
  8. Danime the Bard
  9. The Owlbear Song
  10. Crit Happens
  11. Pete the Polymorpher
  12. For the Love of All Thinges Elven
  13. The Blue Dragon Butt Song
  14. When Gamers Fall in Love
  15. A Very Special Thunksgiving
  16. Fisbear

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