Cynthia McQuillin 2007
Crystal Memories

Crystal Memories by Cynthia McQuillin 2007

  1. Cold Dreams
  2. Live and Learn
  3. Hanrahan's Bar
  4. Icarus Arising
  5. Howl at the Moon
  6. The One of Us
  7. Fuel to Feed the Drive
  8. The Lord of the Night Wind Rune
  9. Moon Runner
  10. Arise, My love
  11. Dark Memories
  12. Dark Moon Circle
  13. The Year of the Unicorn
  14. Innocence
  15. Three Sisters
  16. Pan, Pan, Pan
  17. The Ballad of the Peacetime Soldier
  18. Green Passions
  19. The Marching Song of the Uruk Hai
  20. Doc's Guitar
  21. The Lament of a Dry Town Bride
  22. The Android's Love Song
  23. The Valkyrie's Last Ride
  24. Dark Desires
  25. The Visitor

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