A Dancing World by Echo's Children

Album Credits Edit

Cat Faber: vocals, guitar, mandolin bodhran

Arlene 'Callie' Hills: vocals, flute, bass flute, recorder, pennywhistle

Track List Edit

  1. Right and Left Grand
  2. Tatterdemalion
  3. Heart of Summer
  4. Play It Slow
  5. Gift of Free Will
  6. Low Among the Roses
  7. Blowing Winter In
  8. Brown Bird
  9. Songs of Human Crafting
  10. Butter Bug Blues
  11. Warrior Maid
  12. Riding A Tiger
  13. Common Things
  14. No Quarter
  15. Part of Who We Are
  16. How It Is Applied
  17. Alys' Lullaby
  18. Fair Was The Blossom
  19. My Planet's Child
  20. David Drive Me Crazy Blues
  21. Brown Gal
  22. Wings of Human Knowledge
  23. Acts of Creation
  24. I Meant To Do That

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