Roberta Rogow 2011

  1. Intro to Lord Randall
  2. Lord Randall
  3. Intro to Henry Martin
  4. Henry Martin
  5. Intro to The Golden Vanity
  6. The Goldren Vanity
  7. Intro to Turpin Hero
  8. Turpin Hero
  9. Intro to Captain Kidd
  10. Captain Kidd
  11. Intro to Unfortunate Miss Bailey
  12. Unfortunatel Miss Bailey
  13. Intro to The Flying Dutchman
  14. The Flying Dutchman
  15. Intro to The Three Jolly Rogues of Lynne
  16. The Three Jolly Rogues of Lynne
  17. Intro to Whiskey In The Jar-Kilgarry Mountain
  18. Whiskey In The Jar-Kilgarry Mountain
  19. Intro to Pretty Polly
  20. Pretty Polly
  21. Intro to Jesse James
  22. Jesse James
  23. Intro to Dunderbeck's Machine
  24. Dunderbeck's Machine
  25. Intro to Frankie and Johnny
  26. Frankie and Johnny
  27. Intro to The Thunder Rolls
  28. The Thunder Rolls
  29. Roberta Rogow - Intro to Been There, Dun That - Juanita Coulson

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