Ditties cassette cover

Ditties from the Edge of the World is a Blake's 7 filk cassette tape by Linda Short. It was released in 1985.
  • Bound for Cygnus by Trad / Linda Short
  • Queen of Seasons by Maria Przeslawska
  • Trooper Grey by Linda Short
  • Summer-time Knight by Linda Short, inspired by Sue Walker
  • Anti-hero's Lament by Val Douglas
  • Kerril and Son by Linda Short
  • B7 in Brief by ?
  • Star of the Delta Grade by Trad / Linda Short
  • Lily of Sarran by Maria Przeslawska
  • Mistress of the Universe by Jean Sheward
  • Anna'a Song by Linda Short, inspired by Sue Walker
  • Retribution by Carol West
  • Drink up thy Soma by Trad / Linda Short

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