Dr. Jane Robinson 1987
Science Notes Front Cover

Dr.Jane's Science Notes Front Cover

Science Notes Back Cover

Dr.Jane's Science Notes Back Cover

  1. The I Don't Know It Blues
  2. The Preacher and the Prof
  3. Darwin's Story
  4. Doo-Da-Rock-Rock
  5. A Look at Things That Don't Exist
  6. Drivel
  7. Anthem to Bureaucracy
  8. Battle of the Elements
  9. Graviportal Polka
  10. Evolution Drinking Song
  11. Chordata Chorale
  12. Overflowin' Catbox Blues
  13. Song of the Middle Manager
  14. The Empirical Strikes Back
  15. Muscles of the Kittycat
  16. We Can't Find..
  17. Ambititon
  18. Aria in Ape-Flat-Minor

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