The Dream Is Alive! Music of the Space Shuttles 2006
AlbumArt -D38AB915-EBB6-4DEF-915E-019E1CA54A91- Large

Joe Ellis

  1. Enterprise
  2. Columbia's Children
  3. On the Middeck
  4. No Strings Attached
  5. The Challenge of Space
  6. Dawn of Discovery
  7. Atlantis Rising
  8. A Vision of Tomorrow
  9. Endeavour- Dreamlifter
  10. The Dream Is Alive! 1st MVT. Dawn- Pad 39-A
  11. The Dream Is Alive! 2nd MVT. Countdown- Kennedy Space Center Lau
  12. The Dream Is Alive! 3rd MVT. Orbit- 320 Kilometers
  13. The Dream Is Alive! 4th MVT. Reentry and Landing- Edwards Air Fo

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