Dream of a Far Light 2007

Wild Mercy

  1. Nobody's Home
  2. Lights in the Sky
  3. Down at Hot Rod Blue's
  4. Come to the Party
  5. Doomsday Blues
  6. The Mad Marquis I
  7. World Too Blue
  8. Sunwings
  9. A Star for the County Down
  10. Wider Than We Know
  11. Space Child Lullaby
  12. Sign of the Burning Tree
  13. The Mad Marquis II
  14. Burning Tears
  15. Anthem Zero I
  16. Lightship Yarrow
  17. Anthem Zero II
  18. Passage to Xanadu
  19. To Poison Bedlam
  20. The Mad Marquis III
  21. Lightsailor
  22. Anthem Zero III
  23. Lights in the Sky II-Out from Under
  24. Your Cosmos, Cavalier
  25. Ultraplanetary
  26. Space Child Lullaby II

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