Tom Smith 2010

Cover EndsNOdds

Ends 'n' Odds by Tom Smith (front)

Traycard EndsNOdds

Ends 'n' Odds by Tom Smith (back)

  1. Alien Chain Gang
  2. Anita Hill
  3. Australian Ramrod Trilogy
  4. Brown and Quayle
  5. The Cover of the Program Book
  6. Dem Frank Hayes Blues
  7. Duke's A Churl
  8. Generation Gap
  9. Honeymoon Tonight
  10. Iron Chef Improv
  11. The Last Laugh
  12. Making Buddha's Hard To Do
  13. My Dinner With Lao Tze
  14. PFMS
  15. Jeopardy '91
  16. A Really Bad Pun
  17. Scarlett
  18. Sling And Thong
  19. Tooned Within A Hare
  20. Vampire Smurfs
  21. The Witch In The Pumpkin Patch
  22. Rowena
  23. Barbie Doll
  24. It's A PQR World

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