Fanboys 'n da Hood! by the great Luke Ski

The great Luke Ski 1997

  1. Funny Man
  2. Insane and the Brain
  3. My Name is Fred
  4. Cruis'n USA
  5. Spam
  6. KFC Bitch
  7. Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues
  8. Y.O.D.A
  9. Mystery Science Theater Picture Show
  10. Murder Was the Play
  11. Wahdedah-Dee
  12. 'Ninja Butt'
  13. 'I'm Not a Fishy'
  14. Born to Lose
  15. What's Up Spock-
  16. Fantastic Voyager
  17. Gowron Said Know You Out
  18. What's Up Spock- (Remix)
  19. '104.3 Cory Rocks'
  20. 'Barn Dance Fever'

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