W. Randy Hoffman 2012

  1. Don't Try
  2. Toxic Swamp
  3. A Better Fit
  4. Spread Your Wings
  5. September First
  6. Shining Moments
  7. Ghost in My Guitar
  8. Killer Deadlines
  9. Unintended Consequences
  10. The Rocket 'Science'
  11. Convention Memories
  12. Bywyd Mawr
  13. Specs and Broccoli
  14. For Science
  15. Two Worlds
  16. Towing Mercy
  17. Stray Man Dog
  18. Barrayaran Roses
  19. Gloom o' the Countin'house
  20. Railgun
  21. Roman D&D
  22. Solar Flare
  23. A Fan's Song (or, a Life Under Construction)

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