also featuring: Leslie Fish, Joey Shoji, Talis Kimberley

  1. Marchwood
  2. Invictus
  3. Mask
  4. Angel
  5. The Clock
  6. No Frogs Please
  7. Thrashy Adventure Flicks
  8. Uhura
  9. Red Shirt Replications
  10. Worf-Song
  11. The Tribble Is A Fuzzy Beast
  12. My chocolate chip cookie is mine
  13. War's Daughter
  14. Computerspiele
  15. Crossroads
  16. Cranes over Hiroshima
  17. Lament of a mother
  18. Friendly Fire
  19. Der Phoenix
  20. Invasion
  21. Tattercoats
  22. Mommy can I have a spaceship
  23. Sam's Lied

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