Filk Memories Songs from FilKONtario 10 2000

FilKONtario 10

  1. The Dragon and the Maiden
  2. Tribute to a Friend
  3. Catalogue Queen
  4. The Showdown
  5. Battle with Dyslexia
  6. There's Something About Harry
  7. Golda's Soliloquy
  8. Under His Coat
  9. Secrets
  10. Avatar
  11. Trilled to be here
  12. Everybody's Moonbase
  13. Saguaro Dancine
  14. Houseguests
  15. Fey grass
  16. The AfterCon Sing
  17. One Last Dance
  18. 6:45
  19. A Thousand Songs
  20. Precious Moments

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