Finity's End

  1. Pride of Chanur (Leslie Fish) Leslie Fish, Catherine Cook
  2. Fourty Thousand In Gehenna (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish) Kathy Mar, Catherine Cook
  3. Weird Song (Cynthia McQuillin) Cynthia McQuillin, Roy Torley, Joey Shoji, Kathy Mar
  4. Sam Jones (C. J. Cherryh) Leslie Fish, Catherine Cook
  5. Mazianni (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish) Leslie Fish, Joan Gaustad, Corey Cole, Kevin Roche
  6. Serpent's Reach (Don Simpson/Leslie Fish, arr. Ellen Guon) Anne Harlan Prather, Ellen Guon, Catherine Cook
  7. Tapes (Cynthia McQuillin) Dominic Bridwell, Frank Hayes, Catherine Cook
  8. Finity's End (C. J. Cherryh/Leslie Fish) Leslie Fish, Joan Gaustad
  9. Merchanter's Luck (Cynthia McQuillin) Joey Shoji
  10. Luck of the Rileys (Cynthia McQuillin) Cynthia McQuillin, Paul Mac donald, M. Dorothy Breen
  11. Bitch Song (C. J. Cherryh) Leslie Fish, Joan Gaustad, Corey Cole, Kevin Roche, Lori Cole
  12. Dockmaster's Song (Anne Harlan Prather, arr. Ellen Guon) Anne Harlan Prather, Ellen Guon
  13. Signy Mallory (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish) Leslie Fish, Dominic Bridwell, Frank Hayes, Joan Gaustad
  14. Lullaby (C. J. Cherryh) Kathy Mar, Joey Shoji, Catherine Cook

Producer: Teri Lee Sr. Engineer: Jeff Rogers Engineers: Teri Lee, Scott Prather Dolby stereo Duplicated in real time

M. Dorothy Breen: Bordhran; Dominic Bridwell: Vocals; Corey Cole: Guitar, Vocals; Lori Cole: Accordion; Catherine Cook: Keyboards, Dunbeck, Guitar; Leslie Fish: Vocals, Guitar; Joan Gaustad: Vocals; Ellen Guon: Keyboard; Frank Hayes: Guitar, Vocal; Paul Mac donald: Guitar; Kathy Mar: Vocals, Guitar; Cynthia McQuillin: Vocals, Guitar; Anne Harlan Prather: Vocals, Guitar; Kevin Roche: Vocals; Joey Shoji: Vocals, Guitar


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