Leslie Fish 2002


Folk Songs for Solar Sailors by Leslie Fish

  1. Test
  2. A Toast For Unsung Heroes
  3. Turn and Believe
  4. The Ballad of Transport 18
  5. Bones
  6. Iron Mistress
  7. Hope Eyrie
  8. The Sky-bound Blues
  9. The Thousandth Man
  10. Few Days
  11. The Engineer's Hymn
  12. Starwind Rising
  13. Eternal Loser
  14. Wobblies From Space
  15. Couplets For A Departure
  16. Castaway
  17. Banned From Argo
  18. Thoughts On Strange Visitors
  19. Six Haiku For A New Flower
  20. The Enemy Within
  21. Neutral Zone, Romulan View
  22. Starwind Rising (reprise)

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