Power Salad 1999


force doesn't work on a crustacean by Power Salad

  1. Retro Intro
  2. Your City Here
  3. With Sparklers All Around Her
  4. The Saga of the Modern American Mall Family
  5. Italian Food
  6. Oh Oh Olean
  7. Points (They Might Be Sportscenter)
  8. Lady of the House
  9. Katie's Dream
  10. The Chemical Engineering Song
  11. You're a Kinkajou
  12. Killer Resume
  13. Finish This Song
  14. Power Balladeer
  15. Kiwana Wanna-Be
  16. Demon Disc
  17. Panic Broadcast
  18. Theme from Ralph-Man
  19. Co-Dependency

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