Harlequinery: NolaCon II 1988

NolaCon 1988

  1. All of the Filkers
  2. Weekend-Only World
  3. Escape From Rainbow's End
  4. Another Day of Loving
  5. To Be Announced
  6. Livin' In a Video
  7. Costumer's Lament
  8. The Last Unicorn Rap
  9. Pegasus, Pegasus
  10. Plesiosaurnithology
  11. Telepath
  12. Jennen
  13. Sweet Nectar of Pain
  14. Human Soul
  15. Aycharaych's Deathsong
  16. I Saw My World Go Down
  17. Send Me to Glory in a Glad Bag
  18. Fever Dreams
  19. Arafel's Song

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