Heartburn by Michael Longcor

Michael Longcor 2001

  1. Intro To Eye To Eye
  2. Eye To Eye
  3. Intro To I Like To Watch You Walk
  4. I Like To Watch You Walk
  5. Intro To The Only Son
  6. The Only Son
  7. Intro To Hooters
  8. Hooters
  9. Intro To The Land
  10. The Land
  11. Intro To Yankee Doodle Dixie
  12. Yankee Doodle Dixie
  13. Intro To Lorena
  14. Lorena
  15. Intro To Jolly Tinker
  16. Jolly Tinker
  17. Intro To Eternity's Waltz
  18. Eternity's Waltz
  19. Intro To Eternity's Polka
  20. Eternity's Polka
  21. Intro To Chainmail Mama
  22. Chainmail Mama
  23. Intro To The Water Is Wide
  24. The Water Is Wide
  25. Intro To Coachman
  26. Coachman
  27. Intro To Good Luck Mr. Gorsky
  28. Good Luck Mr. Gorsky
  29. Intro To The Last Hero
  30. The Last Hero
  31. Intro To Silver Into Gold
  32. Silver Into Gold
  33. Intro To The Duel In Rhyme
  34. Duel In Rhyme
  35. Intro To The Auction, Going Twice
  36. The Auction, Going Twice
  37. Into To In Another World
  38. In Another World

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