cassette tape cover, art by Lily Hunter


Hip Deep contents

Hip Deep in Heroes
 is a Blake's 7 filk cassette tape by The Zen Nine from Outer Space. Members are: M. Garrett, T. Hubbard, S. Kleinschmitt, J. Lacey, D. Robin, N. Smith, E. Stewart, B. Tennison. It was published around 1990.
  • Rebel's Exhortation to a Captured Commissioner
  • Sandglass
  • Vila's Advice
  • A CPU Built for Who?
  • Oh, Dear
  • Looking For Blake
  • Everywoman's Lament
  • Thank You, Terry
  • Call Me Delta
  • Wallow
  • The Ballad of Gauda Prime
  • Poor Blake
  • Roj Blake
  • Pattern
  • Dark Mirror
  • Terminal Flight

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