Tom Smith

  1. Intro by Trace Hagemann (spoken)
  2. Return of the King, Uh-Huh
  3. Judi Miller/I Love My Life (spoken)
  4. Five Years
  5. The Great Lobby Filk (spoken)
  6. Crystal Gayle Killed Frank Herbert
  7. Smurfin' Safari
  8. The Ladies/I Almost Know You (spoken)
  9. I Want to Be Peter Lorre
  10. One Ring (excerpt)
  11. Redbone Does G&S
  12. 24 Hour Comics Day (spoken)
  13. Badger Pajama
  14. We Interrupt This Schtick (spoken)
  15. Cthulhu Fhtagn (with The Great Luke Ski)
  16. 24 Hour Comics Day 2 (spoken)
  17. Pirate Ninjas from Dino Island
  18. Orange Lyrics (spoken)
  19. Talk Like a Pirate Day
  20. That Was Fun (spoken)
  21. House at Cthulhu Corner
  22. A Boy and His Frog
  23. Rainbow Connection
  24. Why We Love Jim Henson (spoken)
  25. Callisto
  26. Dead Potters
  27. 307 Ale
  28. Goodbye and Thanks (spoken)
  29. Rocket Ride

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