Consonance 2013

Hotel in California by Downtown Freddy Brown

Downtown Freddy Brown 2013 Recorded live at Consonance 2013 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Milpitas, CA

  1. Heaving on a Jet Plane
  2. Filk is Fattening
  3. The Roadkill Cafe
  4. Cat's in the Kettle
  5. Take Me to the Buffet
  6. Cover of the C to C
  7. Black Magic Marker
  8. NHL Guys
  9. Wreck of the Costa Concordia
  10. The Eve of Conjunction
  11. Secret Asian Man
  12. Sittin in the Mall by the Bay
  13. Beat Up Chevy
  14. Not the Way I Drive
  15. Senior Moments
  16. Lookin Back
  17. The Day my Wife met my Girlfriend
  18. Things You Don't Say to your Wife

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