Consortium of Genius 2004


In COG We Trust by the Consortium of Genius

  1. I Have The Power
  2. A Temporary Loss of Power
  3. LoBoToMy
  4. Destroy Old Things
  5. All Hands Report to the Lab
  6. Reach Out and Touch the Hand
  7. Placebo!
  8. Chati Che Cow
  9. Radiosonic Ruckus
  10. Why Do We Do It
  11. Dance or Die!
  12. Dogmatic Deliberations
  13. Yer Dawg Iz Ded
  14. The Cowboys of Genius
  15. Showerhead
  16. Runaway Rednecks
  17. Born in the South
  18. Desert Dalliances
  19. Funky Fresh
  20. Hi-Tech Piracy
  21. Bucket of Blood
  22. Drumbot Embarks on a Very Short Solo Career
  23. Just a Drumboy
  24. Drumbiotic Denouement

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