The King's Lute by Cat Faber

Catherine Faber 2012

  1. The King's Lute
  2. Art Feeds Life
  3. Somebody Is Waiting
  4. Sociopaths
  5. Oak And Ash
  6. Last Spaceship
  7. Atheist's Anthem
  8. Hold The Line
  9. Providence Skies
  10. All YouR SoNgZ R BeLonG 2 US!
  11. Mayday
  12. It's Okay To Be Takei
  13. True To A 16th
  14. Common Ground
  15. Wise Hands
  16. Cedarglass
  17. One Salt Sea
  18. Boats Have Bones
  19. Quetico
  20. Swan May

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