LACon II, 1984 Worldcon Edit

(cassette tape)

A Little Rat Music J-card (smaller)

Side A

  1. Man of War (Mar) - Kathy Mar
  2. Self-Inflicted (Lamphear/Havluck) - Frank Hayes
  3. One Last Battle (Roper) - Bill Roper
  4. Bedlam Boys (Trad) - Leslie Fish
  5. Wishful Thinking (Thiesen) - Peter Thiesen
  6. Stephen Carr (McQuillin) - Cynthia McQuillin
  7. Ten Buck Guitar (Burnside) - T. J. Burnside
  8. Speed of Sound (Long/Kare) - Quentin Long
  9. The Day After (Mailander) - Jane Mailander
  10. So Long, It's Good To Know You (Bailey) - Robin Bailey

Side B

  1. Dirty Movie (Stajich) - Kathy Mar
  2. Tinker's Daughter (Hayes) - Frank Hayes
  3. Star Pilot's Hymn (Prather) - Anne Harlan Prather, Gail Barton
  4. Scotty (Bartilucci/Cross) - Vinnie Bartilucci
  5. Journeys (McQuillin) - Cynthia McQuillin
  6. Lullaby for a Weary World (Burnside) - T. J. Burnside, Sheila Willis
  7. Teaching Song (Roper) - Bill Roper
  8. Sky Dancer (Shoji) - Joey Shoji
  9. Sword Of Your Fathers (McQuillin) - Cynthia McQuillin
  10. Dorsal Masters of War (Bailey/Dylan/Trad.) - Robin Bailey
  11. Give My Children... (Hayes/Mar) - Frank Hayes
  12. A Spacechild's Lullaby (Franklin/Smith) - Tom Franklin

Recorded Live at LACon II, the World Science Fiction Convention 1984

Sound Engineer: Jeff Rogers

Producer: Ten Lee

Cover Art: Don Simpson

Dolby (tm) Stereo

(c) (p) 1984 by Off Centaur Publications P. O. Box 424, El Cerrito, CA 94530

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