Tom Smith 2010


Live at DucKon 2010 by Tom Smith

  1. Improv- Sound Check
  2. Is Your Technology Ready
  3. Sheep Marketing Ploy (The Ballad of Fenton)
  4. Bagel Alarm
  5. Jan With The Plan
  6. Improv- Singin' the Phone Book
  7. Avoiding the Expected 1
  8. Starlight and Saxophone
  9. Avoiding the Expected 2
  10. Walking Along The Beach...
  11. Death Sheep 8
  12. Too Good A Time To Stop
  13. I Had A Shoggoth
  14. Out Of The Union
  15. 307 Ale
  16. The End, For Now
  17. Bad Horse Death Note
  18. Smash the Frickin' Fairies
  19. As Long As I Have Internet
  20. Tech Support For Dad
  21. The Terrifying Return Of...
  22. Smurfin' Safari
  23. Thanks For Staying, Newbies
  24. The Road Trip
  25. Operation- Desert Storm
  26. Honey-Glazed Ham
  27. The Cthulhu Colada Song
  28. Leon Redbone Does Lady Gaga
  29. Pavarotti Does KISS
  30. What To Play Next
  31. 24 Hour Comics Day
  32. Badger Pajamas
  33. I'm On Firefly
  34. I Can Stop Anytime
  35. What's At The Movies
  36. I Want To Be Peter Lorre
  37. Spoiler Alert
  38. Filk-ibuster
  39. Talk Like A Pirate Day
  40. Goodbye and Thanks
  41. Rocket Ride

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