Carla Ulbrich 2009
Live From Outer Space

Live From Outer Space by Carla Ulbrich 2009

  1. Chatter
  2. Intro
  3. Let it Go
  4. Star Wars Fans
  5. The Force is the Force
  6. Bob's Wedding
  7. My Love
  8. Joe Wants a Song
  9. I Hope You're Happy
  10. The Scooter Store
  11. The Klingon Language
  12. Duet with a Klingon
  13. Bad Song Ideas
  14. Big Hit Medley
  15. Dr. Demento
  16. One Good Song
  17. Words or Music First
  18. Scrambled Eggs
  19. North vs. South...Carolina
  20. Making Gramma Laugh
  21. It's Never Polite to Ask a Girl How Old She Is
  22. Tombstones
  23. Coffee Enemas
  24. Walmart Comes to Clemson
  25. We Don't Need a Walmart
  26. Dating for Dummies
  27. Me Neither
  28. How to Become a Folksinger
  29. If I Had the Copyright (The F Word Song-Bleeped)
  30. Duet with a Klingon-Studio Cut
  31. Anyone

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