Poxy Boggards 2004


Liver Let Die by Poxy Boggards

  1. On Returning From Ireland
  2. Under the Greenwood Tree
  3. Round with the Word 'Prick' In It
  4. Galway Shawl
  5. Untitled Bitter Song
  6. A Drinking Song
  7. Let Union Be
  8. Remember Me
  9. South Austrailia
  10. I Wear No Pants
  11. My Splendid Emerald Isle
  12. Pass Me the Bowl
  13. Fine Knacks for Ladies
  14. Liver, Let Die!
  15. A Warning
  16. The Man Who Doesn't Like Beer
  17. Hey Nonny Nonny
  18. The Ballad of Onan
  19. She's a Whore
  20. Two Minutes of Silence
  21. I Remember

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