Michael Longcor 2002

LHR Front Cover

Lovers, Heroes, & Rogues (cassette) by Michael Longcor 1988

  1. Privateer
  2. Chainmail Mama
  3. A Smuggler's Song
  4. Pillar of Hell
  5. Bobcat
  6. The Threshing Machine
  7. The Quest
  8. The Dancing Bear
  9. Blacksmith of the Brandywine
  10. Unicorn Song
  11. Tom O'Bedlam
  12. The Ballad of Esau's Sons
  13. Rody MacCorley
  14. Pirates in England
  15. Silver Bullet Blues
  16. Dane Geld
  17. Never-Never Land
  18. The Coachman
  19. Mary O'Meara
  20. An Old Song
  21. The Bold Marauder

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