Manticores and Owlbears by Dan the Bard

Dan the Bard 2009

  1. Fred the Ranger
  2. The Drunken Gnome Illusionist
  3. The Spellcraft Song
  4. Phyll the Phoenix
  5. The Fairy Princess Picklesauce and the Hungry Manticore Monster
  6. Pete the Polymorpher
  7. The Owlbear Song
  8. The Pegasus Song
  9. Harpy the Harpy
  10. Morton the Sorcerer
  11. Brother MacAlaster
  12. A Paladin in Hell
  13. The Demi-Human Drinking Song
  14. The Party that Died
  15. Screw You, DM!
  16. Shut the Hell Up and Sit Down

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