Many a Sleepless Knight

Many a Sleepless Knight by the Boogie Knights

Boogie Knights 2006

  1. Banned from the Renaissance
  2. Act Like a Magician
  3. House on Pooh Corner
  4. I'll Rock Your World
  5. Fair Verona
  6. Immaterial Girl
  7. The Seven
  8. Puff Revisited
  9. I rammed His Ship With Mine
  10. I Walk the Road
  11. Where, O Where, Art Thou Tonight
  12. Better Not Tell Him
  13. I Wanna Be Your Wife's Guard
  14. Brewing in Elsinore
  15. Dungeon Blues
  16. That Don't Excite Me Much
  17. The Hobbit Hole
  18. Hidden Bonus Track - Where, O Where, Art Thou Tonight (Reprise)

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